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T-Mobile: Carrier Will Pay Off iPhones and Pixel Devices For All Users Switching From Verizon

May 26, 2017 05:51 AM EDT

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(Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty Images) A pedestrian walks by a T-Mobile store in San Francisco, California.

American wireless carrier T-Mobile yesterday introduced an offer for existing Verizon users. As a part of the company's latest campaign, T-Mobile has announced: "Get Out of the Red", an upgrade program that lets users currently using services provided by Verizon. The current offer only applies to the latest iPhones and Google Pixel devices.

T-Mobile now offers to pay off remaining contract fees for these devices for those people who have paid for the smartphones through a prepaid MasterCard. To be eligible for the offer, the user will have to sign up for a device protection plan that costs $15 a month. As reported by Droid Life, T-Mobile is reportedly the first carrier when it comes to insuring used devices.

T-Mobile is also offering various discounts on usage plans. One among them is the 'ONE' Voice plan that offers LTE services for numerous devices part of a single household. With that said, the new user signing with ONE plan will not only continue to enjoy unlimited data usage but also opt for a free line of service.

More details from the company's official website explained how families could benefit from  T-Mobile's offer to existing Verizon customers. The company also cited a survey explaining why Verizon users are compelled to stick to their services due to contractual agreements. T-Mobile has also offered a similar offer to customers with Sprint & AT&T. 

Customers from AT&T and Sprint will also be able to switch to services offered by T-Mobile for a limited time. Starting May. 31, users opting for a switch will be compensated with early termination fees when financing for a new smartphone. On top of that, users can also keep their existing phones eliminating any trade-in at the time of purchase. As mentioned on the website, customers will be paid within 15 days of time, if paid digitally at the time of purchase.  

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