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Quit Smoking Apps Success Helps Smokers Stop Craving For Another Cigarette

May 29, 2017 06:41 AM EDT

Quit Smoking Apps help people quit Smoking
(Photo : Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images) Health campaigners have asked for a levy on the tobacco industry to help fund anti-smoking measures

There are several quit smoking apps available online today that motivate individuals to stop the habit of smoking. The apps' approach is to instill in smokers the benefits in terms of health, savings, goals, and the freedom of a tobacco- free life. Here are the top quit smoking apps that will aid smokers in their quest for freedom from nicotine addiction.

Smokers' trying to stop the habit will experience after effects during the withdrawal period from nicotine addiction. Symptoms include the craving to light one up, seconded by anxiety, irritability, anger, and mental anguish leading to disorganization of tasks at hand. Nicotine addicts are not alone in this quest. Quit Smoking Apps aim to accompany individuals on their journey to get rid of the addiction.

On top of the list of quit smoking apps is the "MyQuit Coach Apps", allowing the users to customize their approach on how to quit the bad habit of smoking. An option to stop immediately or a gradual withdrawal will be in place according to the individual's choice. This app is a free download for iPhones and has the approval of licensed physicians. The app ensures smokers that the advises laid down in the quit smoking program are safe to follow.  The program already worked with thousands who availed of it.

The second Quit Smoking App in line is "My Last Cigarette - Stop Smoking Stay Quit."This quit smoking app costs $0.99 to download but it is worth the help it imparts to smokers who want to quit. This app relays daily motivational messages and medical facts to would be smoking quitters. It shows the user the very big difference of a smoker a non-smoker and updates app readers on their quit smoking status, reports Quit Smoking Community.

The third quit smoking app is "Quit Smoking - Cessation Nation." The app presents the day to day progress of the stop smoking journey. It reports the daily recuperation taking place and the volume of toxins flushed out from the body. The user provides the details of what he is doing in his transition to stay away from nicotine, reports Health Line.

"Quit Smoking - Cessation Nation" is also a free downloadable App provided online. Another positive thing about Quit smoking apps is the support from experts and the information shared to the user from people who are also trying to stay away from the addictive and harmful substance of nicotine.

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