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Underwater Interactive Touchpad Used By Scientists To Measure Dolphins' Intelligence

May 28, 2017 07:27 PM EDT

Underwater Interactive Touchpad For Dolphins
(Photo : BBC Earth /Youtube) Underwater Interactive Touchpad For Dolphins

The intelligence of dolphins can now be measured by scientists with the use of an underwater interactive touchpad. The interactive touchpad would determine dolphins' interaction and decision-making abilities.

E&T reported a new underwater interactive touchpad developed by the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. The project is for the benefits of dolphins that was conceptualized at the center of research from an interdisciplinary team from Hunter College and Rockefeller University.

The very first underwater interactive touchpad is made to measure the intelligence of dolphins through communication. It has varieties of control that would determine how the Dolphins would interact along with a number of activities for them to choose.

According to, the underwater interactive touchpad uses optical technology with the use of an underwater computer touchscreen. Researchers believe that this project is a step in the animal cognition that is highly sought to extend high-throughput revolution in biology. This will also help the researchers in their BRAIN project through the sequencing of the whole genome.

The underwater interactive touchpad is an eight-foot device packed with specialized dolphin-friendly apps. More so, it has a symbolic keyboard for providing the dolphin's ways to measure their intelligence via system interaction.

With regards to the safety of the dolphins, the underwater interactive touchpad, though said as underwater does not literally mean it is under the water. But, the interactive touchpad has been installed outside an underwater window, where dolphins can view it. No parts of the device are placed or connected to the pool, but then the dolphins can interact on the interactive touchpad through optical sensors.

Aside from the underwater interactive touchpad, researchers aim to study the dolphins' vocal and communication and see if it can be applied through the use of symbolic communication. Additionally, the researchers are eager to understand if the Dolphins has ability can be cultivated to in some basic procedures like requesting items, watching videos and images and of course in interaction.

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