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LG G7 May Be Packed With Qualcomm 845 Processor And OLED Display: Latest Rumors Indicate This Trend

May 30, 2017 09:11 AM EDT


LG's Latest handset of G6 has just hit the market a few months ago. Interestingly, new rumors are now swirling about the next handset G7.

A few months ago tech company LG launched its flagship smartphone G6 with unique design and massive display size. Excellent camera and smooth performance have already made it a great handset. But, some recent rumors have indicated another next top notch handset of the company, the G7.

According to the Aju Business Daily, LG is currently working hard with the chipmaker Qualcomm on the next-generation 845 processor. The two popular companies are collaborating to develop the new chipset. It is reported that the 845 processor will be more compact and utilize less power compared to the current 835 processor. It may be an essential step for the probable upcoming G7 smartphone.

The reason behind the less power consumption of the new 845 processor could be the utilization of the new 7-nanometer construction process. While launching the popular G6 model LG used the 821 processor. On the other hand, Samsung released the S8 model with the latest powerful 835 processor. The Aju Business Daily reported that this time LG is preparing to pack the G7 with the 845 processor of Qualcomm.

Digital Trends stated that some rumors indicate the 845 processor could be more powerful than its predecessor, the 835 processor. The power of the new upcoming processor may increase up to 20 to 30 percent than the previous 835 processor. The important thing is this existing 835 is already 30 percent more efficient and powerful than the outdated 821. That means LG's next handset, G7, may be equipped with a powerful processor.

Another previous rumor also indicated that the G7 model of the tech company LG will get the OLED display, like the Galaxy S8 of Samsung. It is a true fact that the modern trend has already shifted towards the OLED technology. No doubt this technology offers power efficiency, improved contrast, and stunning picture quality. Even it provides thinner screens compared to the LCD.

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