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Google’s Pixel Is Better than Apple’s iPhone: Some Features Keep The Google Handset Ahead Of the Apple Handset

May 26, 2017 12:56 PM EDT

iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel Full Comparison
(Photo : Sakitech / You Tube) Some important features define that Google’s Pixel is better than the Apple’s iPhone, though both the tech giants produce premium handsets.

Tech enthusiasts always search for the best smartphones and both Google's Pixel and Apple's iPhone provide the quality performance. But, some features make the Pixel better than the iPhone.

Almost all the smartphone users quite aware that Google and Apple prefer to produce premium handsets. That means consumers have to pay a hefty amount to possess the Google's Pixel or the Apple's iPhone. With excellent features, owners can enjoy the best performance from both the devices.

BGR reported that a lot of people wait for the latest iPhone every year to purchase the best product from the best mobile tech Apple. Though, the picture was not the same for Google's Nexus devices. But the story is different now with the introduction of the Google's Pixel. The Pixel is a high-end phone like the Apple's iPhone.

Now, some key features make the Google's Pixel better than Apple's iPhone, though both the companies are famous for producing best handsets. It is true that Android and iOS both the operating systems are very much user-friendly. But, Android users can clear the notifications in the Pixel phone with only one swipe, Business Insider stated. On the other hand, iPhone owners have to apply swipe-and-tap process to clear the notifications.

The smartphone users prefer to choose the better voice-activated assistant. For many users, Google's Assistant has proved the best and more advanced than Apple's Siri. That means Google's Pixel handset that supports the Google's Assistant has acquired a better place than Apple's iPhone in this arena.

No doubt battery life is an essential part that all the smartphone manufacturers look very carefully. The Doze feature of Android plays an effective role in reducing the power consumption of Google's Pixel compared to the iOS in the Apple's iPhone. The Doze feature of the Android Marshmallow is truly very helpful to boost the battery life.

The screen-to-bezel ratio of the Google's Pixel XL is 71.2 %, but it is 67.7 % for both iPhone 6S Plus and the 7 Plus. It is true that the difference is very slight but still noticeable. Even the Pixel XL is slightly smaller than Apple's iPhone 6S Plus and the 7 Plus. That means consumers can hold the Google handset with comfort.

The weight of the Google Pixel XL is 168 grams while the iPhone 6S Plus' weight is 192 grams. Even the weight of iPhone 7Plus is 188 grams. The difference is not so big, Apple's iPhone handsets are quite good, though less weight doesn't create any problem for the Google's Pixel phone. Less weight helps the customers to easily manage it in the hands.

The Pixel's AMOLED screen is far better than the Retina display on the iPhone. The Pixel display makes a picture, a video or an app more vibrant and at the same time not oversaturated at all. The AMOLED display of the Google's Pixel looks more stunning than the LCD display of Apple's iPhone. Also, the pixel XL has 1440p screen, but the iPhone 7 Plus has the 1080p screen.

Business Insider reveals that Google's Pixel XL takes two hours to become 1005 charged. On the contrary, iPhone 7 Plus can cover only 72% after two hours of charging. That means Google's Pixel charged faster than the Apple's iPhone. Charging speed matters heavily when a device is portable and helpful to perform many important works.

There can be a lot of other comparisons also, but the above comparisons clearly define why Google's Pixel is better than Apple's iPhone. Tech enthusiasts are currently waiting for the upcoming handsets from both the tech giants, Google and Apple. Expectations of the tech users are very high about the new and upcoming smartphones.


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