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World’s First Super Telescope Construction Begins

May 31, 2017 06:13 AM EDT

Construction Begins on First 'Super Telescope'
(Photo : United News International / YouTube) A ceremony on May 26 marked the start of construction on the European Southern Observatory's Extremely Large Telescope in Chile

Construction of world's largest telescope has been started. The telescope is generally known as ELT, will be world's first super telescope after the construction is completed. This Super telescope will be able to gather 100 million more light than a human eye. 

According to Mail Online, an Extremely Large Telescope, world's first super telescope, will also be able to correct the atmospheric distortions. It will be able to do the detailed research on planets, other stars, the first galaxies in the Universe, black holes and also the nature of the Universe's dark sector. 

World's largest telescope construction is set to complete in 2024. The Extremely Large Telescope is going to be built at the Cerro Armazones located at the coastal area of Chile. The site has 89% cloudless nights in a year that is perfect for the world's first super telescope. The project to build world's first super telescope is funded by European Southern Observatory (ESO). 

Phys.org reported that the "Extremely Large Telescope" will have a primary mirror of 42 meters in diameter and a secondary mirror of 5.9 meters in diameter. The super telescope will use total five mirrors, out of which three mirrors will be curved and another two will be flat. The first mirror of the world's first super telescope will help to study the atmosphere of planet situated outside our solar system. The dome for the world's first super telescope will be 86 meters in diameter and 76 meters in height. This will be the largest dome ever made for a telescope.

The scientists from the Oxford University will also be playing a key role in the construction of the world's first super telescope, by designing and constructing 'HARMONI'. 'HARMONI' is the part of the world's first super telescope which can take simultaneous 4000 images.

The Extremely Large Telescope will make the search of planets located outside our solar system and also do the discovery of planets having masses like earth. The world's first super telescope will take images of larger plated, their atmosphere etc. This Extremely Large Telescope will also help scientists to understand the formation of the planetary system, water detection, and answer the basic questions regarding formation and evolution of a planet.

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