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Seasonal Flu May Increase The Tendency of Developing Parkinson's; Study Proved

May 31, 2017 12:37 PM EDT

Parkinsons Disease and Dopamine
(Photo : Youtube/Dr. Prodigious) Parkinsons Disease and Dopamine

Parkinson's has long been considered as a horrible neurological disturbance without any clear traces. Since long past, major cases of this diseases have been encountered with numerous explanations from different researchers with various cause. It has been a subject of hard debate in medical sciences. However, a new finding derived from a number of experiments in the lab can possibly be considered to extract a particular cause of it.

According to First Post, environmental factors, which are considered to be the prime reason for influenza, may also give rise to the symptoms of Parkinson's. The surprising insight was derived by a team of researchers belonging from Thomas Jefferson University in the United States. The team came up with this result after observing the effects initiated by Swine flu in mice which collectively stimulate the living being to create certain pathology techniques which replicate the symptoms as well as the treatment stances of Parkinson's.

Earlier, many scientists and researchers even examined effects of H5N1, which is also known as "bird flu." The highly mortal disease generally takes over the host's body in the form of influenza. Thereby, it invades the neuron layers of the living being and afterward professes severe harms to the host's brain.

EurekAlert points that, unlike H5N1, Swine flu or what is medically known as H1N1 isn't capable of directly harming the neurons. But it causes disturbances to the chemical units of neurons, thereby generating symptoms of Parkinson's. The effect of it was observed by the team with the Parkinson's inducing toxin MPTP i applied on H1N1 infected mice

Soon after that, the mice demonstrated ample traces of Parkinson's. To reduce the tendencies derived by MPTP i, antiviral medication: Tamiflu was applied to the group which eliminated the symptoms as well as the infection.

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