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LG’s Two New Variations Of The G6, G6 Plus & G6 Pro, Could Hit The Market This Month

Jun 02, 2017 05:45 AM EDT


South Korean company LG plans to launch two new additional models of the existing G6 handset. The G6 Plus and the G6 Pro may be coming this month.

ETNews, the popular South Korean site, reported that LG may launch two new variations of the company's first 2017 flagship smartphone LG G6. The tech company may release the G6 Pro and the G6 Plus soon in Korea. No doubt this is good news for the tech enthusiasts.

The site also revealed that the officials of the LG Electronics said the company is preparing to release the derivative model of LG G6. The official even adds that the tech company is trying several ways to show products in order to meet the customers' needs. The South Korean the giant will release the G6 Pro and the G6 Plus for the three mobile communication companies.

Reports say two new models the G6 Plus and the G6 Pro will be available along with the flagship smartphone LG G6. The G6 Plus model would be equipped with the wireless charging feature and a large internal storage of 128 GB. But, the other G6 Pro model will come with the 32 GB internal storage, GSMArena reported. These two models of LG will also be available with different prices.

LG's G6 Plus variant would cost 1,000,000 Won or $891. On the other hand, another handset, G6 Pro may cost $624 or 790,000 Won. The important thing is the LG G6 is currently available with a cost price of $801 or 899,800 Won. The existing G6 is no doubt a nice handset with small bezels, a large display and dual cameras on the back.

New reports say both the G6 Plus and the G6 Pro would be packed with the Snapdragon 821 and sport the 5.7-inch Full Vision Display. So it appears that the probable key difference between these two models of LG should be the storage capacities. It is indicated that these two models will hit the market by the end of the current month.

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