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Galaxy Note 8 Leaks Suggested Flawed Design & Hinted Fingerprint Sensor’s Same Location Like The Galaxy S8 Handsets

Jun 30, 2017 05:58 AM EDT


Latest leaks and renders suggested some important details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Korean tech giant may bring a flawed design for the upcoming device.

Several criticisms are pouring from the owners of the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus. But, the recent reports about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 are hinting that the tech company is not ready to pay attention to them. Though some leaks have suggested the upcoming device a powerful one, a major portion also hinted the awkward design of the Galaxy Note 8.

According to Forbes, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will feature the dominant and expansive screen. The interesting fact is Samsung can't place the fingerprint sensor under the screen of the device. The company prefers to have it next to the rear camera of the upcoming phablet.

The fingerprint sensor's location in the Galaxy S8 handsets already suggested a design mistake. Notably, another tech giant Sony has embedded the fingerprint sensor in the handsets' power button. So the location of the sensor should be on the front side of a handset or on the back properly to become easily affordable. If Samsung managed to place the sensor on the front in upcoming Galaxy Note 8, then it could become a great achievement.

According to Reuters, Galaxy Note 8 will feature a curved screen that must be marginally bigger than the Galaxy S8. The upcoming device will have two rear cameras whereas Galaxy Note 7 has only one rear camera. Samsung is ready to continue the premium note series even after the last year's debacle of the Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean tech giant will hold a launch event in August in the New York City for the upcoming Galaxy Note device.

The renders and leaks have so far suggested that Samsung must prefer a big screen on the front side of the Galaxy Note 8. Probably the upcoming device also has the virtual home button like the popular Galaxy S8 devices. That means the fingerprint sensor must be visible on the back of the upcoming phablet.

All the current renders also agree on the same point that the Galaxy Note 8 must have the sensor next to the dual camera lenses. The big size of the upcoming handset will probably maintain a distance between the visual and the biometric sensor. It is quite possible that Samsung would continue the trend of the almost bezel-less front screen in the Galaxy Note 8. This trend is already visible in the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus.

Samsung even didn't hesitate to ditch the existence of the physical home button in Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus for the OLED screen. No doubt the South Korean tech giant needs more time to develop the technology to have the fingerprint reader on the screen. Now it is quite sure that this fingerprint reader option could be a weak point of the Galaxy Note 8.


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