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Nine Tombs Belong To the Bronze Age, Discovered In Romania By The Specialists of the Buzau County Museum

Jul 24, 2017 02:42 PM EDT


Specialists of the Buzau County Museum have discovered nine tombs in the eastern Romania. The tombs help to explore important information about the Bronze Age in Romania.

The specialists have spotted the nine tombs from the Bronze Age in Carlomanesti in the Buzau County of Eastern Romania. The Buzau County Museum will restore these tombs, and they will be a part of the exhibitions in the museum. The museum has an exhibition hall that is mainly associated with the Bronze Age and displays the discoveries made in the Buzau County.

According to News.ro, the museum's director, Laurentiu Grigoras, has revealed that archaeologists had previously excavated the area and made some important discoveries. Now after several years the archaeologists have recently resumed the excavation work once again and discovered nine tombs. That means the current discoveries are not the first discoveries in that area.

So far the archaeologists discovered dozens of graves in Carlomanesti, and the researchers believe they have found a cemetery that extends over a large area. The cemetery could cover more than tens of hectares, and the specialists have found nine graves this time. The recently discovered nine tombs belong to the people who inhabited the place of the Buzau between 2000 B.C. - 1600 B.C.

The Romania Insider previously reported the discovery of another important ancient tomb in the Prahova County in Romania. The tomb was 5000 years old, and a circle of stones around this grave was visible. Most probably a male was placed in the grave. Like the recently discovered nine tombs, this tomb also explored many important facts.

The discovery of the nine tombs has unveiled human skeletons, and important objects that explore information about the life of the said Bronze Age. A researcher, Mihai Constantinescu, of the famous Institute of Anthropology of the Bucharest Academy uttered significantly about these discoveries. The researcher revealed that due to farming some of the tombs are not properly preserved. But, some tombs that are tracked down deeper underground have rich inventories.

Each of the nine tombs contains several things that include three pots, bronze pieces, bracelets, loop rings, bronze columns, beautiful pots. These pots are unique for the Bronze Age in Romania due to their shape and the preservation. The researchers have also found a vessel with the pigeon shape, and it has eight bone pieces from the pig feet.

The discovered items will get the place at the Buzau County Museum and must be very important for the history enthusiasts. History enthusiasts will be able to see the reconstruction of the Bronze Age tomb through the discovered items in the nine tombs. After the completion of the excavation at the Carlomanesti, the specialists want to develop an archaeological park there to boost the tourism.

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