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iPhone 8 is the runaway winner for the best smartphone this year

Jul 28, 2017 05:42 AM EDT

Apple upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 8
(Photo : TechTalkTV/YouTube) iPhone 8 is bringing in probably the remarkable specs and features in a smartphone giving it an edge on other gadgets in the market already.

iPhone 8 got great reviews even it is not yet officially launched by Apple in the market. Based on the leak renders of the aforementioned device, it reportedly carries the most powerful specifications and features a high-end handset can have. With that, words are spreading that it is already the runaway winner as the best smartphone product this year.

iPhone 8 is one of the highly-anticipated devices that consumers have been waiting for. Since the beginning of this year, many are already looking forward to the iPhone 7 successor. And several reports say that Apple packed their flagship handset for this year with probably some of the amazing elements.

However, there are accounts that its imminent launch might be a delay due to supply shortage on its material. But recent information reveals that Apple may well push through with the device's September release date as planned. With all of iPhone 8 remarkable specifications and features appears to be confirmed, it gathered the biggest accolade as per latest news says.

iPhone 8 has already beaten all other smartphones to the competition today, Forbes reported. Regardless of Apple's upcoming flagship design would look like or what total sales it will gain, it has won the battle of the high-end handset for this year. And allegedly, the main reasons to its imminent success are the new features that it will freshly introduce.

First, iPhone 8 is locked to launch the wireless charging technology that many smartphone makers have been developing the past few years. Many believed that Apple would implement the inductive charging to apply the wireless charging just like the Qi charging standard for Android gadgets today. Furthermore, the forthcoming device will also feature the facial recognition system.

The facial recognition system will replace the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that has been an issue for the iPhone 8. Tech experts are saying that facial recognition technology is much easier to incorporate in a device as against the Touch ID feature. With this alone, Apple's upcoming gadget already had the edge to others.

With the development of iPhone 8, Apple is taking the competition to the next level. And it will not be surprising if new technologies and techniques will be coming up for the giant tech company in the coming years.

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