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Marijuana Regulators In Alaska Rejected Consumption At Retail Pot Stores

Feb 06, 2017 02:45 AM EST


The Alaska Marijuana Control Board rejected the proposal regarding marijuana consumers to use the pot they purchase at authorized retail stores. The rejection has affected both parties involved; the consumers and the business owners.

According to Seattle Times, the proposal was rejected with 2-3 votes giving a hard time for industry officials and business owners who pushed to allow marijuana use at retail shops. The proposed new rules will allow the citizens to buy marijuana products in any authorized stores and go to different and separate stores to share.  

Considering President Donald Trump's view on Marijuana use, Board Member Mark Springer suggested that they should slowly and carefully tackle the issue. Spinger, one of those who voted for the rejection of the proposed rule stated that Alaska doesn't want a waving red flag in front of their federal law enforcement. Cary Carrigan, one of the leaders of Alaska Marijuana Industry Association revealed that they are willing to find a way allowing consumption of marijuana at authorized stores.

As reported by ABC News, public consumption of cannabis especially in public place is prohibited. One of the most important forces of the newly proposed rule is to provide a place for tourist most especially for cruise sheep passengers getting a legal and free place to use marijuana after purchase.

There are more than two million tourists that visited Alaska in the year 2016 and almost half of the tourist departed on cruise ships. The public revealed that the tourist count for Alaska will go down in numbers because some countries already provide recreational marijuana aside from its alleged medical uses.

Cannabis sativa or marijuana was banned illegal on the federal level but recreational marijuana has already been legalized in eight states including the District of Columbia. Marijuana has gathered a lot of issues regarding its use be it recreationally or medically. Meanwhile, a lost continent was found under the earth's ocean.

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