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Marijuana Controversy: Medical Use & Recreational Use In Some States

Feb 06, 2017 08:25 PM EST


Every country's view on marijuana use has evolved throughout the years be it for recreational or clinical research for medical use. Recreational marijuana has already been approved in other countries but not at the federal level while some scientists are still on research for proving the medicinal use of the herb.

According to Web MD, marijuana is primarily used for the relief of pain. A "marijuana card" is actually provided in states that allow the use of medical marijuana. A person that possesses a marijuana card allows the purchase of marijuana in authorized dispensaries.

Specifically, physicians may prescribe marijuana in different diseases such as; muscle spasms from sclerosis, nausea caused by chemotherapy, poor appetite and weight loss from a chronic illness, seizure disorders, and even crohn's disease. Business Insider also revealed further medicinal use on the herb in conditions of glaucoma, lung cancer, Dravet's Syndrome, anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, metabolic problems, and lupus.

Medical marijuana can be taken as a smoke, vapor, solid oral food (candy or cookies), and drank orally as a liquid extract. Medical marijuana works by altering pain and inflammatory mediators in the pathway process during injury or disease.

Live Science has revealed that the following states already allowed the recreational use of marijuana; California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and District of Columbia. Furthermore, places such as Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota have already legalized marijuana for its medical use.  Altogether, medical marijuana is already legal in 28 states however additional 16 states allowed the limited use of medical marijuana.

Marijuana's recreational use provides a feeling of joy and relaxation, increased appetite, increased sight, hearing, and taste perceptions, loss of body coordination, and being dizzy. Marijuana has already been legalized in some states but the potential side effects along with its use should also be taken with the precautionary measure. Meanwhile, development in the treatment of AMR is on its way; click here for more information.

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