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Is Cushing Syndrome Risky? Get To Know How Hair Analysis Helps Easily Detect The Condition

Feb 14, 2017 01:22 AM EST

Hair Strands Used To Detect Cushing Syndrome
(Photo : Peter Macdiarmid / Staff) Human hair analysis is the best way to detect Cushing Syndrome to treat it early.

Researchers today has found the connection of human hair to detect and diagnose Cushing Syndrome. The study of human hair analysis is expected to help the carriers of this fatal condition and treat it early.

As reported by Medical News Today, the study of Cushing Syndrome has gone so far to release the sufferers. The condition is brought by the extreme exposure to high levels of cortisol for a long period. This higher cortisol level is known as a side effect from inflammatory diseases like asthma, arthritis and lupus medications. But, even though, this happens very rarely, Cushing Syndrome is a fatal disorder which must be cured in a possible time.

Moreover, the excessive cortisol level in the body signals the existence of Cushing Syndrome which soon develops into a tumor. This would affect the body's main glands such as the pituitary and adrenal and caused malfunctioning. Cortisol is needed by the body for it keeps normal blood and heart function as well as normal regulation of blood sugar levels.

This makes Cushing Syndrome risky and fatal when not diagnosed and treated early. Fortunately, scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found the easiest way to measure the cortisol level in the body using strands of hair. Hair Analysis is a possible way and standard technique to detect and diagnose if a person has Cushing Syndrome.

According to Science Daily, the research is headed Dr. Mihail Zilbermint, an endocrinologist. Dr. Zilbermint enrolled 30 patients with Cushing Syndrome and mixed it with six patients without the condition. All of the participants provided their hair samples and divided it into three equal segments and labeled: closest, middle and farthest to the scalp.

From each hair strands of the subjects, the cortisol level was compared and analyzed. As per findings, it showed that the hair analysis shows equal findings from that of standard laboratory techniques which caused too much time and effort. This is because the cortisol levels of the first hair segment accurately matched the result of blood and urine tests. Thus, this fatal Cushing Syndrome can now be easily detected using hair strands and be treated early.

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