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Amphetamine Watch: Bitter Green Foods Can Possibly Stop Acceleration Of Heart Age And Degeneration of Physiological Systems Caused By The Drug?

Feb 14, 2017 01:28 AM EST

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Amphetamine use gets abusive without knowing the common side effects and heart complications the drug may cause. Recently, a new study shows that the abuse of the drug may also accelerate heart aging and death.

Medical News Today published an update from Heart Asia regarding the use of amphetamines and how it intrigued the issue. Accordingly, these amphetamines are referred as "speed," "ice" and the very popular term "ecstasy." And as a known stimulant, the drug targets the central nervous system that results in accelerated heart rate, increase blood pressure and constrict the blood vessels.

But, far from people normally knows, these amphetamines produce the adrenaline hormone and cause overdrive. At the same time, the use of the drug likely caused the cardiovascular system stressful effect, premature skin aging, and accelerate physiological systems degeneration.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Western Australia (UWA) proved that the excessive use of amphetamines accelerate the age of the heart. Daily Times reported that the researchers used participants in their 30s and 40s to study the relation. With the use of standard blood pressure cuff and sphymoCor, data were accurately gathered.

The results of findings showed that people who used amphetamines like in smoking have cardiovascular systems that are quickly aging. This is because the use of the drug exposed the heart to the adverse effects of the stimulant. More so, the finding unexpectedly showed another effect of stimulant in the degeneration of physiological systems. Thus, this would also hinder the body functions to repair broken tissues as well as interfere the functions of body cells.

On the other hand, experts mentioned the benefits of bitter green foods to contradict the harsh effect of amphetamine. To get rid of the premature speeding up of the heart age and fast degeneration of the physiological systems, these fiber-rich foods can be added to a diet. The capability of these bitter green foods removes interference in the tissue caused by amphetamine abuse. Likewise, it serves as antioxidants that detoxify blood vessels in the heart keeping up its normal age and functions. 

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