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'Google Fiber, AT&T Fiber' Updates: Companies Fighting For Gigabit Internet Programs To US Major Cities Upon Expansion

Feb 16, 2017 03:12 AM EST


Both Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber will expand its Gigabit internet programs to US Major cities starting this month. Obviously, the two companies are major providers of fiber internet resulting from a battle for subscribers upon landing on the same area.

Digital Trends reported that after its fall on the push of fiber-optic Gigabit internet, Google Fiber is back. Aside from bringing the fastest internet connection to some US major cities, Google Fiber has other plans. Now, its action compromises the implementation of some changes and staff layoffs.

Google Fiber targets the list of "upcoming cities" category as their in line for the Gigabit internet program. Luckily, Louisville, Kentucky; Huntsville, Alabama and San Antonio, Texas will be the first ever cities to have fiber-optic Gigabit internet, thanks to Google Fiber. Meanwhile, the city governments of the three popular cities are very supportive of the plan of Google Fiber.

At the same time, Google Fiber great competitor in Gigabit internet, AT&T will also expand its fiber-optic program to five US major cities. According to Ars Technica, AT&T announced its expansion plan last Monday which will start this month. Milwaukee area was the first place where AT&T Fiber first launched its Gigabit internet program last Monday and is expected to finish the four other cities before the end of February.

Other cities which AT&T Fiber plans expansion are Shreveport, Louisiana; Columbia, South Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee, and Jackson, Mississippi. Additionally, AT&T Fiber plans to acquire 12.5 million locations on their fiber-optic program by mid-2019. This makes AT&T Fiber a huge competitor for Google Fiber who is at the same time, beginning its expansion.

To note, Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber has competition issue over Louisville for the Gigabit internet expansion programs. AT&T Fiber has sued the city when Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher helped Google Fiber passed an ordinance allowing the company to attach their cables on existing poles. But, whatever the issue with the two companies may be, it's more important that Gigabit internet on fiber-optic will now be available.

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