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AMD'S New R7 1700X Dekstop CPU Could Be Better Than $1,000 INTEL Chips

Feb 16, 2017 01:18 AM EST

Introducing AMD Ryzen
(Photo : RedGamingTech/You Tube) Now we are only two weeks away from AMD Ryzen’s half decade long awaited arrival. CPU's start from just over 100 US dollars for a 4 core CPU, with even an 8 core 16 thread Ryzen costing just over 300 USD for a basic model.

Now we are only two weeks away from AMD Ryzen's half decade long awaited arrival. The first AMD Ryzen samples have been sent out to reviewers and some have even tested these chips under extreme coding. AMD Ryzen processors will be officially launching on 2nd March.

The speculations around the release of this gadget were huge as well. The expectation around the AMD Ryzen is pretty much high as well and PC advisers said that it can get t $1,000 performance from an upcoming $380 AMD Ryzen processor.

AMD has decided to bring high-priced performance to processors with a smaller cost due to the huge gains stemming from its Zen processor architecture in its new Ryzen CPUs. The price of AMD is comparatively lower than Intel. Therefore AMD can be placed one step ahead of Intel.

In the next month, AMD intends to sell regarding its Ryzen processor which has a leaked benchmark of the high-end AMD R7 1700X chip. This processor will sport on an eight-core with a 16-thread chip that will definitely compete with Intel's Core i7-7700K CPU. The chip was shown to have a base clock speed of 3.4GHz and a turbo clock speed of 3.8GHz.

AMD Ryzen is expected to launch four eight-core Ryzen processors with R7 label ranging in cost between $319 and $500. If you are willing to get AMD's R7 1700X processor will reportedly be priced at a mere $381.72. Even more, the R7 1800X will supposedly cost $490.29 and the R7 1700 will cost $316.59.

There will be three six-core R5 units, three four-core R5 units, and three four-core R3 units as well. The AMD R7 1700X chip scored a CPU Mark of 15,084 whether the Intel Core i7-5906k scored is 15,615 slightly better than AMD Ryzen.

Still, if the R7 1800X matches the Core i7-6900K's performance, that's half the cost, will attract more gaming customers. The PC experts presumed that the new Zen architecture could change the CPU landscape when it launches this year, but right now these are the best CPUs for gaming.

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