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'Canon DSLR' Announced Three Models To Be On Sale This Summer

Feb 17, 2017 03:29 AM EST

Now grab savings and buy one Canon DSLR. Three latest models Rebel T7i, 77D and M6 will go on sale this April.

The Verge reported that Canon recently announced three of its Canon DSLR to go on sale this April. Making this a great chance for photography lover to grab one model. However, Canon released a clear statement that these three Canon DSLR models are not capable of shooting in 4K needed for videography.

The three Canon DSLR models share almost the same specs and features. The three cameras have 24-megapixel shooting capability along with 6fps burst shooting with autofocus, DPG reported. Additionally, these Canon DSLR cameras have CMOS APS-C sensors with a Dual Pixel AF and a 45-point all cross-type autofocus systems.

Price details of the Canon DSLR cameras will start from $700 and above. On top of that, the entry-level Rebel T7i camera will lower its price to $749 only. While the EOS Rebel 77D which is a prosumer-focused will be only at $899. Lastly, the M6 model DSLR which is known as a mirrorless camera will be at $779 only.

Furthermore, Canon has a lot of options to offer when it comes to DSLR without 4K capability. The company would like to focus on these Canon DSLR models for they are also mirrorless which is equipped with Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. Proving that they are still focused on innovation, these Canon DSLR cameras feature a 45 cross-type optical viewfinder giving a precise focus just for their customers.

Even though these Canon DSLR cameras are mostly entry-levels, all of it can boast its big difference with T6i or T6s. For beginners, these three cameras on sale this April 2017 are a great chance to learn photography at the lower cost. Besides, Rebel entry-level camera is the most popular Canon DSLR for first-time photographers on its huge contribution to practice.

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