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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Latest News & Updates: Price & Summer Release Date Rumors Slammed

Feb 16, 2017 06:45 AM EST


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is speculated to be released this summer 2017. But then this is said to be false news.  

It has been almost a year since rumors about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 arises. Now, everyone kept on waiting and the latest with the update on its release date is still unfinalized. PC Advisor reported that Surface Pro 5 is not likely to surface until the spring of 2017. This contradicts the rumors of the possibility of its release date on April 2017.

Even though there is news pertaining to the release date of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to come on February 27, March 2017 or April 2017 this still has no official basis. Up until Microsoft hold an event for the announcement of the tablet, it's better not to expect at the moment.

Meanwhile, the price cuts with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and some more expensive models of Microsoft products can denote the possibility of the release date of Surface Pro 5 this year. Typically, when it comes to product marketing if another model is upcoming, the model ahead of it is getting its price reduced. Forbes reported that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be more likely to come with Intel's Kaby Lake Processor Core i7 making its price higher as expected.

Talking about the price, the most believable price of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would be starting from $899. While the Intel Core i7 would be at the price of $999 and the i7 Extreme Version will be at the price of $1500. This directly shows that when the tablet has a greater processor, the price obviously increase. When the Surface Pro 5 truly comes with the Kaby Lake processor, expect it to be powerful than Apple latest Macbook and Macbook Pro products. If this happens, stiff competition with the two manufacturers will conquer the market.

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