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Apple iPhone 8: A Whole New Evolution

Feb 17, 2017 03:42 PM EST

Apple IPhone 8 Trailer 2017
(Photo : Illmonkey Tacticz/ Youtube Screenshot) Apple is creating the latest evolution of iPhone with new features and several upgrades for a brand-new experience.

This year, the iPhone gets a new radical and progressive upgrade. It is known as a major redesign, and there are more details on its new significant features and into the further price it brings. The iPhone 8 is going to be a whole new evolution for Apple with its brand new design, the addition of impressive features from opponents, and a very ultimate price.

 But within its very high price comes with a very worth it smartphone. The KGI Securities best Apple analyst on the planet, Ming-Chi Kuo, was the source and now has revealed that Apple is pulling out everything with the iPhone 8. Detailed by them are impressively improved battery life and a remarkably outstanding compact form factor.

In a report from Worldof, Kuo said, "Apple is finally introducing wireless charging on its forthcoming iPhone extent which is going to double up the fast wired charging and it could lead to price hikes and that the reason for this is that Apple has had to add a new graphite layer to protect the 3D Touch sensor behind the screen for the phones with wireless charging component inside creates a lot of heat."

Apple added thermal challenges with the iPhone X for the change to an all-glass design reduces heat dissolution compared to aluminum. So in this case, users won't feel the increased heat, yet the blend of the new graphite layer and the 3D touch module could push the range of the iPhone over 30%-50% expensive or $1,000 for the first time.

Apple is going to place a 2,700 mAh battery to iPhone 8 which is almost 30% bigger than the iPhone 7 battery which is only 1960 mAh, and Apple is going to compress it in by using a higher-cost stacked logic board design as reported in Forbes. By loading the board, Apple almost halves the space it takes up, therefore, loosening of the space is needed for the bigger battery.

The iPhone 8 has a circa 5-inch display, and it will be OLED instead of LCD, which is more efficient and interesting. Despite donning a 5-inch display, the iPhone 8 will be nothing bigger than a 4.7-inch iPhone 7. This will keep it handier rather like than phablets. Apple is going to fulfill this by cutting both the top and bottom bezels around the screen, meaning, Apple is going to remove the home button, and a touch ID will apply.

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