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Forget 4K Display, Smartphones Are Now Eyeing 6K And Above

Feb 28, 2017 01:20 AM EST


Qualcomm, the American chipmaker and telecommunication Equipment Company has come out with the announcement that they will soon be seeing smart phones with screens having resolutions beyond 4K. They also said that soon it will be 6K, 8K and beyond.

According to Techradar, it will be a huge leap for the future smart phones to have resolutions beyond 4K. Currently, most of the flagship smart phones from various makers have 2K screens. iPhone 7 Plus is not even up to that resolution, displaying a rather lesser 1080p screen resolution. As per Qualcomm, it will not only be in terms of pixels per inch, it will also be the width of the color gamut, color accuracy and brightness of the display.

One of the main advantages of the high-resolution smart phones is for the users who indulge in virtual reality, a rising techno-phenomenon. It will completely eradicate the "screen door effect" that many viewers complain of having while introduced to the Virtual Reality mode. Qualcomm claimed that the current generation of viewers takes HDR-only content as the standard benchmark. Having 4K, 6K and 8K resolutions for them will soon be a bare essential.

According to Digital Trends, though the future smart phones can introduce ultra-resolution for their screens, there are a few vices expected from this upgrade. The battery life of the smart phones is going to be a major issue that burns twice as many pixels as 2K displays. Besides, smart phones having higher resolution displays will make a hole in the pocket of the buyers. So convincing them will be a big challenge.

As a solution to the problems mentioned above, Qualcomm claims that advancements like its new 10 nm Snapdragon 835 chipset and better software can be a key to increasing battery life. Qualcomm also says that with more immersive VR features and superior contents thrown in, people will imbibe into upgrading.

 The current drive towards the technology by the mobile manufacturers has been immense. Though there has been no official announcement regarding the launch of 4K, 6K or 8K displays so far, industry leaders like Qualcomm are sure about the fact that the future generation will not be able to imagine anything less than the prescribed higher resolutions.

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