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Math Healing Power That Fights Against Infectious Diseases

Mar 05, 2017 07:13 AM EST

Math Helps Cure Infections
(Photo : Garg University/Youtube) Math Helps Cure Infections

Students hated math a lot for giving headaches. But, what if math can help fights infectious diseases, would it still be hated?

In a report published by The Conversation, it clearly defined how math performs a great part in epidemics. It's a more typical scenario in disease control areas wherein healthcare workers with full-body protective equipment are featured. Where in fact, the best should be the mathematicians working behind the scenes.

Mathematicians create the models to represent an infection spread. Using math, the predictions help understand how infection may infect the public in the future. The population of the people and all the pertinent data for calculating how an infection may affect a certain location to allocate treatments are used by mathematicians.

According to Phys, a pair of professors from the University of Michigan Medical School Dr. Indika Rajapalse and the University of California, Berkeley Dr. Stephen Smale worked on a significant mode. The pair worked and introduce a framework that would use math in understanding the genes and its interactions between cells.

The pair stated that the framework is highly idealized and make it a simplified model based on math. The purpose of the framework is to create a basis wherein scientists would easily understand the changes involve the possibility of making live tissues.

Furthermore, the framework would be a huge contribution in understanding complex diseases like cancer, and without math, the framework wouldn't be done. Dr. Rajapakse said, "Out approach adapts Turing's technique, wherein the combined genome dynamics within the cell and the diffusion dynamics between cells."

Math models certainly play important roles in understanding infectious diseases and how it can be possibly cured. Math is always the worst thing for others who are afraid of numbers and computations. But then, who would think, that the most hated discipline is the extremely useful and a great contributor to human life.

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