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IBM Adds New API To Quantum Computing Cloud Services: Offered Access To 50-Qubit Quantum Pc?

Mar 07, 2017 11:08 AM EST


Another IBM quantum computing program called Q delivers more than 50 qubits. The company will give paid quantum computing consulting and services to clients.

Since it was introduced last May, the reaction to IBM's 5-qubit quantum PC was stunning, with 15 research papers composed by the outside group, more than 200,000 analyses or experiments and around 40,000 clients. This achievement urged IBM to launch a commercial service for quantum computing. Access to the 5-qubit IBM quantum PC is offered as a part of a program called the Quantum Experience, through people in public cloud.

IBM's 50-qubit quantum computing services will stay accessible for free, as per the company. The smaller quantum PC prepared the way for the company to bolster the program and launch IBM Q. The concentration for the 50-bit quantum PCs will be on bringing connectivity between qubits, stability, and also gating and error connection. For a cost, the IBM Q systems will be accessible for use to clients in chemistry and finance, as indicated by CNET.  

As indicated by Computerworld, the new IBM Q quantum computing venture is much similar to IBM's Watson supercomputer that uses conventional PCs. IBM has a 5-qubit system as of now being used, yet the 50-qubit quantum PC will be 10 times bigger. The new system will make scientific disclosures and accelerate drug discovery.

By utilizing qubits of information rather than binary data, quantum PCs are drastically not quite the same as conventional PCs. Tech specialists predict that quantum PCs will eventually supplant or replace today's PCs and servers. As making smaller chips get to be distinctly challenging and today's great PCs achieve their limit, quantum PCs offer a way to advance computing science.

To prove that quantum PCs aren't just hypothetical dreams, IBM is building such fast systems. The company's main goal is to manufacture a global quantum PC ready to run an extensive variety of computing tasks, in light of a processing power of thousands of qubits. As indicated by Scott Crowder, VP and chief innovation officer of quantum computing for IBM Systems, the 50-bit quantum PC is sufficiently huge to create algorithms and begin tackling some real issues.

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