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All Apple iPhones Will Come in OLED Display By 2019 Based From Apple Plans

Mar 07, 2017 03:05 PM EST

Apple iPhones on OLED panel displays
(Photo : Techno Mania/Youtube) Apple iPhones on OLED panel displays

A report revealed Apple plans to use OLED by 2019. Not only for some models, but all Apple models will be OLED.

Based on a supply-chain report from 9To5Mac, Apple aims to adopt OLED display on all of its models by 2019. A report from a South Korean supplier stated that Apple is using three Korean suppliers to make a flexible circuit board for the iPhone 8. Among these three suppliers are one which makes the OLED display.

According to Macrumors report, Apple is planning to use and adopt the OLED display panels for its 60 million units of iPhone 8 this 2017. Moreover, Apple iPhones' plan of using the OLED is expected to be doubled by next year and by the year 2019, Apple iPhones will be focused on the use of OLED panels only.

Meanwhile, Apple will start with the use of LCD panels this year on its two iPhones which are the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. This would mean as a confirmation that Apple iPhone 8 would be the first smartphone to come with an OLED screen, and the production would start in April or May.

However, even though Apple supply-chain reported the plan, there's no clear statement yet that any of Apple's suppliers has accurate details of the company's real plans. So, it is better not to expect too much until Apple had made its further adaptation on the OLED panels.

On the other hand, to compete with Apple, Samsung and Inteflex are on its move for the Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB). Samsung also started its expansion for the Electro-Mechanics plant located in Vietnam.

On top of this, as soon as this news had been released, Apple iPhone fans eagerly commented positively on this issue. A fan said in a forum, " I am willing to wait the extra month and pay extra money for the Apple iPhone model with the OLED display."

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