Rains and a mild storm hit California last weekend where periods of rain were observed in the Central and Northern parts of California. This included the cities of San Francisco, Sacramento, and Redding. However, meteorologists predict that this weather won't last that long as by mid-March, California will be dry.

According to a report in AccuWeather through their senior meteorologist Ken Clark, the said storm which visited some parts of California last weekend raised the levels of streams and rivers. Hails were also observed in some parts as the storm kicked in with a 50 to 60 mph wind speed. Clark noted that the storm observed over the weekend was milder as the amount of rain and snow are starting to diminish this month.

In recent weather forecasts through ABC News, the Southern part of California starts to have a glimpse of the sun as temperature increases to 80°F. Meteorologists explain that this spike in the temperature is due to a high pressure that is being built up in the coasts. Sunny weather can actually be observed in cities such as Los Angeles and the Orange counties.

Apart from the cities, the valley parts of California shall also have a series of warm days this week as temperature can get as high as 88°F. To those communities near the beach area, they can actually experience up to 75°F while the mountain sides will experience a lower temperature of 61°F. The weather forecast also reminds the public that temperature can go lower in night time as low as 30°F.

Although California shall experience dry weathers by mid-March, AccuWeather's meteorologist Paul Pastelok emphasizes that there might be another storm next week around March 15 to 17. The said storm can hit the central part of California, and the public is advised to always be ready just in case rain showers occur.