There was another mass bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef as the ocean's temperature rises. After a day of aerial survey, the coral reef authorities are sure that it has happened again.

Climate change and global warming is not only affecting the land and air as it has affected the underwater too. The coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia have been damage again. A mass bleaching has happened second year in a row, a Queensland government agency has confirmed. A widespread of heat wave has affected the said corals, declared the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. They did an aerial survey in between Cairns and Townsville on Thursday The Guardian reported.

It was the first survey for 2017, ABC News has stated. Even though the survey was just a day, it was enough for the agency to confirm that another regrettably mass coral bleaching has happened, said David Wachenfeld. It was after last year, when 22 percent of the corals have died because of the same thing. They still do not know the exact percentage of the damaged or dead coral reefs, Wachenfeld added. "The reef of course is bigger than Victoria and Tasmania combined, it takes us quite a while to get the overall picture of everything that's going on out there," he explained.

It will approximately take six or more months before the final number will be released by the agency. However, that is not the important thing, whether this year or last year was worse. The bad thing that should be focused is the climate change that is destroying the environment, not just the Great Barrier Reef. The extreme heat and other weather are greatly affecting the Great Barrier Reef and the corals in it. Just a month ago, the corals in it are very much alive.

However, after the extreme heat, they have been damage and some are totally white meaning they are dead. Some might recover, some might not. The next surveys for the total extent of the damage will happen in the next fortnight.