Streetcap1, a UFO enthusiast leaked dozen of ISS onboard footages regarding the UFO sighting. According to a two-minute video segment shown a massive cigar-shaped object appeared on the screen. That was hovering just above the Earth horizon and hundred miles away from ISS.

However, the video doesn't have cleared picture of the craft but at least two luminous lights clearly visible beneath the unknown object. The most embarrassing fact is, at the end of the video the camera brightness suddenly dimmed and makes the object obscure from the screen.

Regarding a press released on Newstarget, most UFO hunters presume that NASA tried to altering the video footage to conceal the truth from public access. It has been seen that NASA always trying to distract the people from their secrets about any extraterrestrial activity. This independent space organization has been accused of tampering different photographic as well as video evidence related to alien activities.

Some conspiracy theorists are direct suspects NASA for the alteration of the video. Tyler Glockner, a UFO hunter who runs the conspiracy site Secure Team 10 said that the latest video contained significant anomalies.

From a report posted on Express, where Tyler Glockner argued that he have monitored hundreds, likely thousands of hours of ISS live feed footage. From those footages, he has seen UFOs, ice crystals, space debris and, light reflections. He also claimed that this new video excludes all of these.

Like every time, NASA still denied about any of this evidence. It seems that many believe NASA is worried about, to tell the truth. They think that it may be lead some unnecessary panic among the citizens.

Though there are several witnesses including space pioneer like Neil Armstrong as well as ISS inhabitants. Leroy Chiao, who already claimed about UFO sighting during the mission. Regardless the evidence is genuine or not it must be needed to find stronger one that NASA may be allowed to reveal us.