Tesla is the trademark of luxury with futuristic innovation in the automotive industry. This American automaker gained widespread attention when they introduced with the variety of electric sports car instead of conventionally powered models. Now limited Tesla Model 3 production is scheduled to begin in July 2017.

Most of the people are amazed by Tesla's exterior and interior designs which have a distinct feature in nature. However, most of the surprise comes with the advanced head-up display, Touch screen console in the driving section. After a huge success with the recent flagship Model S, everyone is waiting for another excitement about the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

However, all the hopes and dreams about the prospective model are ruined by some tweets from Elon Mask, CEO of Tesla. Last Friday Musk emphasized that upcoming Tesla's Model 3 will not be more advanced than the company's recent flagship Model S.

In Twitter, Musk describes the upcoming Tesla Model 3 as a smaller and more affordable version of Model S. Though he pointed that the Tesla model 3 has lesser range, power & features that are not comparable with more advanced Model S.

According to BGR, they got some strong evidence when Tesla unveiled the prototype of latest Tesla Model 3 in last year. In that time, the prototype model lacked an instrument panel with traditional gauges for items like speed, range, and other pertinent information.

However, Many Tesla fanatics are wondering if Tesla had a special plan for the dashboard. But the most disappointing thing is, model 3 has a more autonomous feature which makes the suite of information less important. So it makes sense that Tesla has no further plan for advanced HUD in expected Tesla Model 3.

Practically the concept of a fully autonomous driving is the far advance from its time. However, if it possible to implement the concept of the Tesla Model 3 that will need extra money. It's implied that the entire Model 3 owner isn't able to take the advantages of the vehicle's self-driving capabilities.

In addition, One question about steering wheel design of the Tesla Model 3 that still remains unanswered. Now, this hype is coming into the spotlight when Musk tweeted about the wheel design of Model 3 in last April 2016. He claimed the design could be inspired from the spaceship.