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Graphene Cools Down Smart Phones, Computers & Other Electronic Devices

Mar 28, 2017 02:44 AM EDT

A powder containing a little graphene flakes. The image was obtained using a scanning electron microscope.
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons/Дагесян Саркис Арменакович )

Cooling down smartphones and computers will now be easier as scientists have found out that graphene does it effortlessly. Graphene is a very small material than can fit into tiny chips, which heats an individual's smartphone, computer, and other devices.

"You can fit graphene, a very thin, two-dimensional material that can be miniaturized, to cool a hot spot that creates heating problems in your chip," said Eva Y. Andrei, Board of Governors professor of physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. "This solution doesn't have moving parts and it's quite efficient for cooling," she added. Since electronic devices are becoming more and more powerful, they tend to heat up faster too because of the lack of cooling devices that can come with it, Phys.org reported.

A stronger cooling device was found out, the study which was recently published in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" stated. The researchers used graphene and combined it with a boron nitride crystal substrate. The outcome has been deemed a more effective way of cooling down a very heated device, Rutgers Today explained. The graphene is also said to be twice as powerful as the other coolers, said Andrei.

There are two types as to how a power factor can get rid of heat on smartphones, computers and other electronic devices. One of it is by an electrical current carrying it away. The other, like what graphene does, is it diffuses the heat on the device entirely making it cooler faster. Moreover, graphene is very thin; it's only an atom-thick layer of graphite. Graphene is made up of carbon atoms that are all over the place like chicken wire.

The graphene is placed on boron nitride. It makes the graphene work unlike the Silicon dioxide, which stops the heat diffusion in the traditional base for chips. Additionally, graphene conducts electricity better than copper. It is 100 times more powerful than steel and it diffuses heat very fast.

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