From rockets to cars and now artificial intelligence and brain chips. Elon Musk wants Neuralink, a human brain-computer venture.

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to work on a human brain-computer venture he called Neuralink, The Verge reported. After the continuous success of his two companies, Elon Musk would like to explore further in human and artificial intelligence.

According to CBS News, Elon Musk wants his new company to connect the human brain with computers. Elon Musk believes for a project that would jump and connect two different things, one from natural existence and the other one is artificial intelligence.

Six months ago, Musk has hinted the possible announcement of this Neuralink project wherein the last time happens in a crowd in Dubai. Musk stated that he thinks there's a great possibility of merging a biological intelligence into digital intelligence. He likewise told the people that the connection on bandwidth, speed in the brain and the computer are somehow similar and can produce a particular output.

A curious fan asked Musk on Twitter on his "Neural lace" technology or the Neuralink. In his Twitter, Elon Musk noted exactly, "Long Neuralink piece coming out on @waitbutwhy in about a week. Difficult to dedicate the time, but an existential risk is too high not to." He further responds to some comment telling that the "neural lace" is ongoing for further development.

The Neuralink or "neural lace" technology involves the installation of tiny electrodes in the brain that will transmit thoughts. However, the specific product under the development of the new company of Elon Musk is still unclear. But, it would be likely useful for medical applications like the treatment of epilepsy or some major depressions.

Probably, the Neuralink of Elon Musk will use the connection set up in the human brain to be understood in computer like that of a deep brain stimulation to treat neurological symptoms and chronic brain diseases. Until Elon Musk further announced additional information for his new company, the Neuralink still remains a surprise for science.