In a bizarre revelation, a Swedish start-up company, Epicenter, has reportedly injected a microchip in each of its 150 employee's hand. The company has offered this as a new method for company access and security.

According to Mail Online, Epicenter implants its employees with the microchip of the size of a grain in order to use them as swipe cards. Functions like opening doors, operate printers, or buying smoothies can be done by the wave of the implanted hand, says the company. The employees are so happy with the chip microchip implants that they hold parties whenever a new employee is willing to get injected.

As per the company, the biggest benefit of getting the microchip implanted is the amount of convenience that the employees get. It claims that the microchip replaces a lot of things such as communication devices like credit cards or keys. However, the technology is not new, and microchips like these have been used in virtual collar plates for pets. Some companies use them for tracking deliveries as well. However, Epicenter is among only a handful of companies using the microchips on a larger basis.

According to The Next Web, this process has been mocked by some as creating "cyborgs". The process of injection is actually a painless one, the microchip being implanted in between the thumb and the index finger. The grain-sized microchip has become a very popular one in Epicenter and might be implemented by a number of companies in the future.

However, some experts are of the opinion that the installing of NFC on mobile can give the same level of convenience to people. They also say that it is bizarre for an organization to inject its employees with a microchip when everyone these days carry their mobile with them.

There have also been speculations about security and privacy issues of an employee after the implant of the microchip. Though biologically safe, the microchip can also show various details about how many days an employee comes to the office and how often he/she takes break from work.