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Samsung Galaxy S8 Has The Best Display Ever: Experts Give Record High A+ Grade

Apr 06, 2017 01:15 AM EDT

Justin Denison, senior vice president of product strategy at Samsung, speaks about the new features on the Samsung Galaxy S8 during a launch event for the smartphone, March 29, 2017 in New York City.
(Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Mobile experts all over the world are completely blown away by the appearance of the all new wrapped-around display of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. The "Infinity Display" is being called as the best display on any mobile device, ever.

According to BGR, Samsung has come up with better OLED displays for their Smartphone in the recent years. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is dubbed as "Edge-to-Edge" display, is termed to be better than all its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the much controversial Samsung Note 7. Samsung has even shunned the home button in order to accommodate the 6.2 inch OLED screen on its Galaxy S8.

However, this brings good news for the Apple iPhone users as well. The iPhone 8 is on the verge of arrival and it is going to be the first iPhone with OLED display, which has been manufactured by Samsung. Experts deduce Samsung to be the best option that can match the quality and volume demands of Apple. The Apple iPhone 8 is likely to have a screen that can match the quality of Samsung Galaxy S8's OLED screen.

According to GSM Arena, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an excellent ability to handle the HDR contents. It is the first Smartphone to receive certification by the UHD Alliance in terms of Mobile HDR video playback. It means that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is able to generate video in the same color accuracy and same wide range of colors as some of the TV's that can show HDR contents.

DisplayMate, an organization specializing in performing display tests for determining the color accuracy and calibration of devices, has awarded an "A+" as the highest mark to the Samsung Galaxy S8's display. This is a huge boost for the Korean company and the fans of Samsung Galaxy S8, who are planning to get a hand on it.

After the dismal performance of the Note 7, Samsung needed something to regain its place as the firm favorite in the Mobile market. Hopefully, the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its amazing specs can provide that much-desired platform to the Korean company.

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