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Windows 10 Creators Update Available Before Official Launch: Learn Here How To Get It

Apr 06, 2017 02:17 AM EDT

The latest Windows Creators Update is now available for manual download.
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In the latest revelation, Microsoft has said that the Windows 10 users can now get hold of the upcoming Creator's Update even before it is officially available. A blog post that was released from the Company's side last week revealed that the much-awaited update can be downloaded manually from Microsoft's official website.

According to The Verge, Microsoft said in the aforementioned blog post that the Windows 10 Creator's Update will be available as a manual upgrade a week prior to the official release. With the upgrade now available, it can be said that the company has kept its promise. It is also the first time that the Windows 10 Creator's Update has been available for users who are running a non-beta version of Windows 10.

Reportedly, if a user is not interested in receiving automatic updates of the new Windows 10 test versions, he/she can disable the feature from the settings panel and enjoy using the Windows 10 Creator's Update. One of the most talked-about features of the Windows 10 Creator's Update is the presence of the 3D paint app. Among others are a Game Mode for optimizing PC settings, and some additional gaming features, that can help the user get a Xbox-like experience on Windows 10 platform.

According to The Next Web, the Windows 10 Creator's Update will be coming out officially on April 11th. Windows 10 users can use the Update Assistant tool for the desired upgrade.

However, Microsoft has already warned the Windows 10 users opting for the manual upgrade of Windows 10 Creator's Update about the possibility of existing bugs in the system. The company has also said that this experience can be hard for the users. The Update Assistant can be downloaded from a link given on the Microsoft website.

In an alternate way, the users can also download an ISO file for a fresh install from the Microsoft website. However, Microsoft has advised those users who are not familiar with an ISO file not to try using it for the Windows 10 Creator's Update installation. 

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