Spilled pictures of the next DJI spark, apparently named the Spark, have surfaced, disclosing what resembles a smaller version of the foldable Mavic Pro, one of the best drones of 2016. It is not yet known when the Spark will be formally introduced by DJI, yet with the spilled pictures, drone fanatics are by now expecting the Mavic Pro's little brother. Pictures of the DJI Spark have appeared on the Chinese meetings of DJI, yet the photos have since been brought down. It is not clear who basically uploaded the pictures.

 The DJI Spark's arms look smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro when it's spread out, and the base of the spilled drone appears as though it has downward-facing sensors that are probably for position purposes. Over the camera at the front of the drone, there is also a panel that may have added sensors, indicating that it will have an obstacle-avoiding feature, as per Techcrunch.

 The camera for the DJI Spark, which is somewhat extraordinary compared with that of the DJI Mavic Pro, it appears as though it will just tilt up and down. The outline or design of the battery, in the mean time, is like that of the DJI Mavic Pro, however, there is most likely four contact points, which might be used for an arrival landing or charging dock.

While the DJI M200 that was revealed at MWC 2017 was clearly intended for mechanical missions, the reason behind the DJI Spark is not as obvious. In various drone meetings, there has been a theory that the DJI Spark will be a selfie drone or a racing drone.

The Verge stated that there are still a lot of inquiries left for the DJI Spark after the leak, including whether the DJI Spark will also have foldable arms like the DJI Mavic Pro regardless of its smaller size and what its controller would resemble. The cost of the DJI Spark is also obscure, however, it is normal that it will be less expensive than the $1,000 sticker price found on the DJI Mavic Pro. Fanatics of DJI's drones will probably need to wait for the company to make an official statement to find out about the DJI Spark.