A person named John Titor claimed that he is a Time Traveler from 2036. Some people believe this story but others said, it is a hoax prepared by someone living in Florida.

If time travel is really possible then why the person is still anonymous. The name of John Titor first appeared online in the Art Bell Forum in 2001.He told that he is a time traveler from the year of 2036. He is on his way home, after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975 reported by The Telegraph.

In between the year 2000 and 2001, he answered many questions. Daily star reported that John Titor has described time machine in detail on a national talk radio show. John Titor began his journey by posting a picture of his time machine on the internet along with military operation manual.

Nowadays, John and his time travel are getting to all over the internet. Indeed, John Titor is most discussed person right now. Titor claimed that he was a member of military unit living in the future in Florida. He was from the 177th military unit.

The most immediate of Titor’s prediction about the upcoming civil war in the United States. This civil war had triggered a limited nuclear exchange with Russia 2015, which killed nearly 3 million people.

In one prediction Titor spoke about the deception of weapons of mass destruction before the Iraq War in 2003. This all things is not a surprise, they were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty years ago John Titor Said.

One of the flabbergasted predictions about the first computer IBM 5100, which had a secret function only revealed in August 2004. John Titor wrote about the high energy physics and unknown functions of IBM 5100.

John Titor also predicted on January 29, 2001that there is no official Olympics after 2008. However, it may revive again in 2040.

There were many predictions occurred by John Titor. But most of them is a hoax. Some of John Titor’s predictions failed to come true. Like Civil War in America starting in 2004 and the Olympics would be canceled.

Many determined fans still claim that John Titor predictions of future were to elaborate the false. Some of them said, by posting this kind of war news, he might actually have averted it and nobody can prove otherwise. The fans still believe that the unknown man whose 2001 internet postings might just have saved humanity.