Google has been largely known in the world of smartphone for its Android platform for a long time now. Now the tech giant has been more stimulated with its very own Android smartphone range, named as Pixel. After the grand success of its first lineup of handsets branded as Pixel flagships, namely Pixel and Pixel XL, the company is hinted to focus mostly on the development of its next masterpiece: Pixel 2. In the midst of this heat, Google has now been indicated to offer such a deal to LG which can reveal much about the next Pixel handsets upcoming features.

According to Reuters, Google has served a superlative investment of at least 1 trillion won ($880.29 million) in front of LG Display Co Ltd. for enhancing the production of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens for smartphones. This can be sensed as a definite indication that Google's Pixel 2 will flaunt an OLED made front display screen. The tech specialists and insiders have also started claiming that the handset will deliver even better resolution support than what was expected for the same earlier.

As per a report by DNA, Google has offered this deal to the South Korean display giant probably to ensure a massive and interrupted supply of such OLED panels for its upcoming Pixel stunners. Although, this prediction is still left to be confirmed by the official authorities. It should be noted in this context Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has already taken on the interest to implement bendable display panels in its Galaxy smartphones. Apple is also expected to equip bendable screen on its next iPhone flagships.

LG Display has not yet revealed much about its agreement to the terms of Google's newest contract. But potential sources are suggesting that the company is mostly expected to start the production of OLED panels for Google by the next phase of this year.