NASA has recently invested into 22 interstellar projects that are believed to have the power of changing the future of space missions. This initiative is taken under the 2017 NIAC (NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts) portfolio of Phase One.

According to NASA, all the 22 projects picked under NIAC are early stage technology proposals that can have a significant impact on space travels in the future. Human endeavors, as well as robotic missions to space, will both be highly affected by the introduction of these 22 projects.  New exploration capabilities along with futuristic approaches for building and operating aerospace systems can also be introduced by the help of these 22 aforementioned approaches.  

The 2017 NIAC portfolio of Phase one is an attempt to inspire a number of innovations meant to transform the future of space travel. Reportedly, rewards of $125,000 will be presented to the winner of Phase one. The initial definition and analysis of the concepts will be supported for nine months by NASA. On successful completion of Phase one studies, the awardees can apply for the next phase, that is Phase two.

According to Space, 7 out of the 22 participants were given NIAC Phase two grant, while the other fifteen received Phase one grant by NASA. The Phase two grant involves an award of $500000 which persists for two years of additional development. Reportedly, all the Phase two winners have already received the Phase one grant. The 7 Phase two awardees include members from the JPL, the California Polytechnic State University, the Aerospace Corporation of California, Nanohmics Inc. of Texas, and much more.

As NASA experts suggest, the Phase two studies are much needed to bring in significant changes in the future of space travel. Authorities say that it is wonderful to watch the NIAC program fellows plan to go ahead in life. The Authority is hoping that the NIAC program fellows will look into the future by means of their innovative technologies to make changes.

NASA has been helping newer innovative minds to showcase their talents for quite a long time. The NIAC Phase one program is one such, shaping the future of new age space tech.