Democracy is a single word, but it defines the actual meaning of human rights. Countries that don't respect women's civil rights can't explore that meaning.

Some countries in the world still believe in the male dominated society. They don't even hesitate to bulldoze the women's civil rights brutally. Democracy in those states is still distant dreams.

Even a few years ago several revolutions took place in the Arab world, but only one country Tunisia embraces the functioning democracy. An interdisciplinary research project at the University of Gothenburg reveals that lack of the women's civil rights prevents democracy to flourish in the said region. The research study is available in the European Journal of Political Research.

The research study includes V-Dem, a renowned research institution, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Gothenburg. In a modern world, democracy can prevail only if proper acknowledgment is given to the women's civil rights. Researchers created a dataset to investigate this fact.

The dataset monitors 177 countries and explains the true condition of democracy there. The condition was monitored from 1900 to 2012. The key foundation of a democratic country is the existence of social and political rights for every individual whether a man or a woman. But, unfortunately, the Arab Spring countries don't have that foundation because they have failed to establish women's civil rights.

Democratic governance defines true human rights for all human beings. Demolishing those rights means bulldozing humanity. It is now a common fact that everyday newspaper and news channels report at least one incident where women's civil rights were eliminated. It seems democracy is still a daydream in some parts of the world.

Professor Staffan Lindberg, director of the V-Dem Institute, opines that societies that experience a transition from authoritarian regimes need women's participation. Democratic governments can feel the development when women's civil rights are restored properly. Democracy means the participation of both men and women.

According to, the research study unveils the women's civil rights and also the men's civil rights. Before the implementation of the constitutional rights, a series of basic rights were present in the society. The researchers have found this pattern while investigating 177 countries. In a word, those countries that have adopted democracy can explore the civil rights of people.

Yi-Ting Wang, the lead author of the research study, utters that women's civil rights help to organize the movements in order to establish democracy. Lack of the basic rights can't democratize a society completely. Tunisia has set an example in this regard to implement the basic rights for women.

Modern education teaches the world to respect women's civil rights and democracy. Now it is time to see that implementation of these rights is done properly because then humanity can breathe naturally. Hopefully, all parts of the world can produce basic rights for all.