Another resupply mission to International Space Station is going to take place on April 18. NASA’s commercial cargo supplier named, Orbital ATK would complete it’s seventh commercial resupply services mission to the ISS.

Orbital ATK and NASA’s space probe Cygnus will carry foods, waters, clothes and other science research supplies for ISS crew members. Cygnus will be transported via United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. NASA reported that Atlas V would be blasted off from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Orbital ATK has loaded the Cygnus with 7,600 pounds (3,447kg ) of supplies that also include hardware to the orbiting laboratory in support of the Expedition 50 and 51 crew members. Gadget 360 reported, this time researchers will study on antibody investigation. The main purpose of the study is to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs that could be helpful for cancer treatment.

NASA officials said in a statement,“ Another new investigation bound for the US National Laboratory will look at using magnetized cells and tools to make it easier to handle cells and cultures, and improve the reproducibility of experiments”. They also have a plan to study plant physiology to grow fresh food in space and Orbital ATK would send required equipment for this.

Orbital ATK sent their last shipment on March 23. Along with other instruments, Cygnus is also carrying 38 CubeSats as part of the NanoRacks QB50 program. According to NASA, Cygnus OA-7 capsule model was named in the honor of former astronaut John Glenn who was the first man to orbit Earth.

When Cygnus will arrive at the space station, NASA astronaut and Expedition 51 Commander Peggy Whitsone, and Flight Engineer Thomas Pesquet of European Space Agency (ESA) will grapple the capsule to dock with the robotic arm of ISS. Cygnus will stay at ISS until July and at the time of reentry to Earth’s Atmosphere Orbital ATK would command the probe to burn tons of trash is space for fiery reentry.