Three new Huawei MateBook models were rumored to be released by the China-based company. The new models were reported to differ in screen size and design. The leaked models look promising as Huawei’s new 2 in 1 devices as a successor to their previous MateBook release last year.

According to Digital Trends, reliable Twitter leaker, Evan Blass released an image of what may look like Huawei’s MateBook power trio. The spotted rumored 2 in 1 devices goes under the codenames Pascal, Bell, and Watt, respectively. The Pascal model is expected to have the biggest screen display of 15 inches, while the other two models' screen sizes weren't still cleared.

But in the image that Blass tweeted, Huawei’s new MateBooks were named MateBook D, MateBook E and MateBook X. The three new models were mentioned to run on Windows 10. Yet, as MateBook D is seen to be a 2-in-1 device, the other two were said to be just normal laptops. But no confirmation had been made on each of the device’s configuration.

No confirmations have also been made regarding detailed specs for each MateBook, but journalist Roland Quandt shared some beefy speculations on MateBook X. The last model was identified to might be the 15-inch display among the three. Regarding what’s under the hood, it is expected to be the most powerful as it is hinted to have a dynamic Core i5-72000 processor paired along with 8 GB of RAM.

Meanwhile, MateBook E is expected to run on an Intel Core M processor as to be the upgraded version of the previous MateBook. Nonetheless, MateBook X was somehow seen by some to have a design approach similar to Microsoft’s Surface models as noted by MS Power User.

The MateBook models leaked were also expected to be far from Huawei’s previous MateBook in terms of power and innovation. People then hope that the past issues of the MateBook would be solved in these 2017 or 2018 series. Rest assured, tech fanatics would know more details as soon as the launch day comes. No release date and price was mentioned to be released.