Although iOS update 10.3.1 was a surprising package, it seems that its successor Apple iOS update 10.3.2 is coming up with plenty of exciting features for its million of users all across the globe. Till date, no iOS device has ever left behind the support for 32-bit whereas this update is only delivering support for 64-bit iOS devices even after its two beta releases.

According to Forbes, the devices in question are iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C which are both built on 32-bit infrastructure. This is definitely going to shock users of iPhone 5 and 5C as iOS update 10.3.2 won't be supported. Apple iOS update 10.3.2, unlike 10.0.3, is following releases across all iOS 10 compatible devices like iPad Mini 2 and the sixth generation iPod touch while the latter was launched with a limited release for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus compatible devices only. This is a mutual benefit for the users as well as the company (because of resource sharing).

According to MacRumors, Apple on April 10, 2017, seeded the second beta version of Apple iOS 10.3.2 update to developers, nearly two weeks after seeding the first iOS 10.3.2 beta and iOS 10.3. iOS 10.3 covered features like a Find My AirPods feature and Apple File System. Focusing on security improvements, Apple also released a minor iOS update 10.3.1.

Apple is providing a downgrade from Apple iOS update 10.3.2 to 10.3.1, but not older than 10.3.1. Downgrading options to versions 10.3 and 10.2.1 are closed.

The release notes of Apple iOS update 10.3.2 depict that it solves problems with 3rd party VPN apps and SiriKit car commands, thus concealing its highlights. Apple has not disclosed numerous significant information like iPhone 5C sales figures. No doubt, the latest update is still going to leave a good deal of disappointed users. Before the final release, if there is no significant declaration on the flip side, Apple is sending out a message to all its iPhone, iPad and iPod users that it is not going to provide support across all generations of iOS.