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T-Mobile Bags Big Spectrum Expanding Its Availability Allover The US

Apr 14, 2017 07:01 AM EDT

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(Photo : T-Mobile / YouTube) T-Mobile CEO John Legere Announces Nationwide Mobile 5G Strategy

Among all the major mobile carrier in the United States, T-Mobile is known as one of the pillars of mobile communication in the country. The company is now coming out with more initiatives to crack down the overall holdings of low-band spectrum. As per the latest insight, T-Mobile clinched victory in an auction overtaking the major stakes of the 600 MHz spectrums.

According to T-Mobile, the carrier was announced as the winner of 45% of the stakes of overall 600 MHz spectrum, securing 100 percent of reach over the US and Puerto Rico. The official report further claimed that this will make its service available in "every single corner of the country." The company took away the spectrum of 31 MHz solely making its low-band spectrum's availability extended to nationwide status. By this, T-Mobile is expected to beat all its rivals in this stake and become the top player in mobile connectivity even in the rural parts of the country, surpassing Verizon and AT&T.

As per a report by ARS Technica, T-Mobile spent about $7.99 billion to crack this deal and took over 1,525 licenses throughout the US. This was the greatest investment ever done by the carrier in winning over the superlative power of low-band spectrum. As for the connectivity, low-band spectrum is a huge thing as it can cover huge distances overcoming potential obstacles like huge and big walls, dense woods etc. T-Mobile also made it clear that it would start operating with the new spectrum later in 2017 only. The company has already been reported to join hands with Nokia and Ericsson, for 600MHz wave compatible devices.

As per further reports, Qualcomm has also started making chips which can support 600 MHZ frequency without any stress. The device range having T-Mobile's 600 MHz airwave capacity is expected to launch by the last phase of this year only.

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