Ooho is a drinking water product created by a startup known as Skipping Rocks Lab. The product is reported to hype up the internet due to making “eating water” possible and getting rid of plastic bottles at the same time.

According to Extreme Tech eating water was made possible by the startup due to the product's packaging. Ooho was seen as a spherical blob which has water encased in it making it a squishy bottle. Yet, the huge surprise is that you could actually eat the whole blob of water with no plastic bottle needed.

Ooho was mentioned to be created through seaweeds used as its membrane. The edible bottle’s membrane was composed through spherification which includes sodium alginate from seaweed and calcium chloride. Each ball was then mentioned to only take 2 cents in order to produce it thus saving money as well.

Moreover, amid Ooho being edible, people are still given the choice whether to eat the membrane or not since it was identified to be tasteless and has an unusual surface when eaten. Yet, people could still throw it away and not eat it because as it was mentioned to be biodegradable it will just break down as a compost on land or ground over a week or so.

Furthermore, the Ooho product aims to be “the global solution to water and drinks on-the-go.” The startup mentioned that they also aim to replace and get rid of plastic bottles as they pose a great environmental issue to the world.

With that said, BGR reported that the downside of the product not becoming global is that it only makes one gulp of water compared to a bottle. Another disadvantage of Ooho was its delicate membrane not being able to toss it anywhere or pack it into someone’s bag pack.

Ooho was first unveiled back in 2014 and is now envisioning global customer targets to reach their goals. The Skipping Rocks Lab’s Ooho product already has 1,000 independent investors willing to help them fund money on their site online. The startup also mentioned that they are now currently working on another seaweed based product that would aid in sustainable packaging solutions.