Apple has something big to offer to its loyal consumers nowadays. Recently, the company announced that they would gladly replace a broken iPad 4 and upgrade it to an iPad Air 2. Surely, users will be thrilled to have this news coming their way but what made the company made such move?

Apple is one of the leading and largest smartphone makers in the world today. The quality of the device they manufactured is what consumers like about that made them a well-known brand right now. iPad 4 and iPad Air 2 are two of the top most selling gadget on their product line.

Released in 2012, iPad 4 was estimated to have sold 3 million units together with the iPad minis during the first weekend of its sales while iPad Air 2 already sold 2 million units as per latest record. But now, Apple has issued a memo to its loyal users of fourth-generation iPad who might encounter a problem with their device.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is now open to replacing a busted iPad 4 unit and upgrade it to a new and much better iPad Air 2 by visiting the Apple Stores and authorized service providers. An internal memo issued by the Cupertino-based company says that starting March 30 all fourth-generation iPad whole unit repairs will be substituted to an iPad Air 2.

Apple decides to replace broken iPad 4 with an iPad Air 2 as soon as inventory stocks of the fourth-generation iPad start to diminish after it was discontinued last October 2014. The company will be executing the new guidelines immediately and instruct all its repair staff to inform all customers about the replacement process.

Engadget further added that Apple Stores and authorized service providers should also notify customers about the iPad Air 2 various colors and capacity option as a replacement for their defective iPad 4. Just recently, Apple also introduced a gold color option to the second-generation iPad Air.

Aside from that, Apple also upgraded iPad Air 2 capacity which launched the newest 32GB and 128GB storage from the previous 16GB and 64GB models. However, the iPad 4 replacement to the second-generation iPad Air will also depend on the stock in the customer's region.