Some incidents live forever in the memory. The sinking of the RMS Titanic is one such incident that can't be an inhabitant of the oblivion and always uncovers important facts.

The famous RMS Titanic became a part of painful history when 105 years ago on April 15, 1912, it sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. This ship prepared its voyage from the United Kingdom to the United States. The journey started on April 10, 1912, and ended on the night of April 14, 1912, when the British passenger liner hit an iceberg.

RMS Titanic or Titanic was a dream ship for many people. The luxury and the elegance that the ship offered still haunt million of people. The tragic end of Titanic snatched away more than 1,500 lives and more than 700 lives got the opportunity to see the next day sunrise.

The famous ship and its story inspired to raise some unsolved queries and famous movies. After searching for decades, some important facts were recovered. Interestingly, a lot of people are not familiar with all the recovered facts about the RMS Titanic.

When history remembers the sinking anniversary of the British passenger liner RMS Titanic, then some less familiar information must help to cherish some significant facts. The length of the British passenger liner was 882 feet and 9 inches and almost 3,000 workers labored for two years to build the Titanic. During the construction of the ship, nearly 250 workers were wounded, according to the International Business Times.

Sources say that one lakh people gathered when the ship was moved from the construction place to a berth to complete the fitting work. It happened on May 31, 1911. RMS Titanic was prepared to accommodate 833 first class, 614-second class, and 1,006 third class passengers. In a word, the British passenger liner was more than a dream for a lot of people and reality for a small handful.

This dream ship had two libraries, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool. A popular Turkish bath and a squash court were also placed in the RMS Titanic. The weight of the key anchor was so huge that 20 horses were needed to carry it.

A glacier in the Greenland was the source of the iceberg that was responsible for the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The wireless operator of the RMS Titanic received warnings of the iceberg. It is believed that the operator had not paid proper attention to the warnings that ultimately led to the tragic incident.

RMS Titanic took almost 160 minutes to sink after it collided with the iceberg. It took seventy years after the incident to discover the wreckage of the ship. Most of the passengers of the ship died of hypothermia. Hypothermia is a condition when the body temperature becomes very low and forces to cease the activity of the internal organs.

As already stated, that more than 700 people got the opportunity to survive. The guardian reported that Millvina Dean, the last living survivor, breathed her last at the age of 97 in 2009. She was a two-month-old baby and the youngest passenger on the ship, RMS Titanic. She survived along with her mother and brother, but her father could not escape the fate.

The thought of the RMS Titanic still haunts millions of people around the world. The story of this ship is still a subject of the research works. The British passenger liner is truly a memorable page of history.