Air Force has been known to reveal some of the undeniable air giants which have created histories. Jets and fighter flights were considered the key sorts of weapons for winning heavy battles in late 60's. And therefore, flying masterpieces have also been innovated and kept with care by the contemporary US army. Among such stunning flying machines, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird was perhaps the most glorious piece of war ever created.

According to The National Interest, SR-71 Blackbird took over the sky very rapidly during the clashing period of Cold War. The fighter jet was mostly active during the high-flying days of war. SR-71 Blackbird was initially posted to rest during the mid-end of 1990, even before the end of Soviet Union. The blasting speed crusher was again rehabilitated by the Air Force again during the period of 1995 to 1998. During this period three instances of the super class flying machine were reactivated by the Congress. NASA evolved many of its test mission for research purposes during the period till the end of 1999. Finally, it was taken down to retirement by the end of the Nineteenth century.

As per a report by Stuff, SR-71 Blackbird was and still the fastest aircraft ever made on the Earth. Many decades have passed but none of the nations has been able to create a proper replacement to this unique machine. The available records suggest that SR-71 Blackbird clinched the speed of 3,250 km/hr on July 28, 1976. This unbelievable force actually beats the properties of speed calculation mechanism in physics. As per the record, SR-71 Blackbird 3 times faster than the speed of sound.

The question now arises is why this battle magnet was taken down and deactivated. The maintenance statistics has the answer to it. According to accounts, SR-71 Blackbird costs about $200,000 per hour of its flight. This much money can run near about 40 times of the usual fighter jets used by the Air Force currently. Therefore, it has now been placed in the racks of a museum and has been listed as a legend of history.