Apple iPhone 8 is reportedly coming out soon as it marks the company's 10th year anniversary of its flagship smartphone. Check out which iPhone products are ready.

Steve Jobs released the original and first ever iPhone in San Francisco ten years ago. That is why, it is expected to have the best event for its anniversary this year, Bloomberg reported. Apple is said to introduce three iPhones this fall; two upgraded versions and a new handset which is theorized as the Apple iPhone 8.

Though the three iPhone models will be unveiled at the same time, according to The Verge, fans would have to wait one month or two for the premium iPhone which is speculated as the iPhone 8. This is because of the supply matters concerning the manufacturing of the device.

Meanwhile, the said premium model of the iPhone is expected to sport a screen that covers almost the entire front face of the device. This means it would have a larger screen than that of the iPhone 7. Apple is also said to reduce its overall size through integrating the home button in a kind of software.

While the two other iPhones to be unveiled at the event is said to have the liquid crystal display technology on its screen sizes of 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch. However, the design plans can still be changed, a source added. While for the said premium iPhone, if it's really the iPhone 8, Apple is said to have tested multiple prototypes for its body as well as using some versions of stainless steel and curved glass.

To recall, Apple has ordered 100 million OLED panels from Samsung last year to supply its new iPhone in the making, so, Apple is confirmed to use OLED panels for its redesigned iPhone. Aside from this, Apple has experimented the use of fingerprint scanner into the OLED screen, but it's still unclear whether this would be one of the features of its final products. There would also be some significant camera changes on all the new iPhones to be unveiled at the event, while all will run at iOS 11.