The construction workers of Medieval Church in London unearthed the entrance way to a hidden crypt. During initiation at the former site, they found 30 lead coffins that had lain unvaried for centuries.

According to workers, the ancient coffins of five former Archbishops of Canterbury have discovered accidentally. In the field of Archaeological finding, it is totally unexpected but at the same time, it's showing that London's most famous place still have some secrets to tell.

However, the Church was constructed in the 11th century and it was located next to the Archbishops of Canterbury domicile. Apart from this, the Archbishops of Canterbury is the senior bishop and leader in the Church of England. Currently, Justine Welby is 105th Archbishops of Canterbury and the most senior bishops in the Church of England.

In the year of 1960s, the Medieval Church was converted into a Museum. The building workers never believe that anything could exist below the structure. Though, it was presumed that may be the lower portion had already been filled up with soil or daub.

During the renovation time, workers had to lift the heavily weighted stones to expose the terrain. Those stones were laid down from 1851 and weighed as much as 3,300 pounds, reported by Gizmodo. 

After the process being started, those stones revealed a hidden stairway. The workers attached a camera to a stick and stuck into the hole, then the footage showed that the coffins were piled and pell-mell on top of each other. They also found a coffin with a gold crown on top of it.

Based on the latest report by Telegraph, two coffins had nameplates, which belonged to Richard Bancroft(archbishop from 1604 to 1610) and John Moore(archbishop from 1783 to 1805). Archaeologist again uttered that, the tomb had been undistributed for centuries and still dozen of coffins remain unidentified.

Recently, the workers have built a glass panel in the terrain above the crypt that visitors can take a glance below. The Garden Museum is scheduled to open again in May 2017.