Apple is reportedly launching two iMacs this year. The high-end iMac Pro can show up in December, while a less-capable on August.

Apple is expected to launch two iMacs this 2017, and on May the company will begin the production of two iMacs: one is the less-capable iMac for personal use, the iMac 2017, and another high-end iMac Pro, DigiTimes reported.

The iMac 2017 and iMac Pro is expected to be manufactured by Qanta Computer company as per orders of Apple and HP. If the production happened in May, then the iMac 2017 can be launched in August, while the iMac Pro at the end of the year. This would heads up the production of all new Mac Pro by 2018, according to Redmond Pie.

Reports claim that the new iMac Pro is focused on server-grade components such as having an Intel Xeon E3-1285 processor and an ECC RAM with the capacity of 64GB. What makes an ECC RAM unique from the others when it will work for the iMac Pro is that it protects against data corruption and has been known for stability.

Furthermore, the iMac Pro will have a storage of NVMe SSD with 2 TB capacity and an unknown discreet graphics card. However, its GPU is still unclear, but current iMacs are using mobile GPUs for gamers and intensive app users. Somehow, because the iMac Pro will be released at a high-end, Apple is expected to use another improved GPU for the Pro.

Other technical specs include a brand new keyboard, a Touch Bar as well as a Touch ID. Some reports also claim that Apple is working on an 8K external display, USB-Type C support and the Thunderbolt 3.

Currently, Apple has the 27-inch iMac and 21.5-inch available in the market, so the said coming off the iMac 2017 in August and the high-end iMac Pro in December would be perfect to end the year. With the help of the Qanta, the largest all-in-one PC maker, fans can rely upon that Apple will meet its expected dates of release.