Different reports have been surfacing for the last few days that suggest the delay in releasing the iPhone 7S. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo provides information that confirms this bad news.

Tech users are eagerly waiting for the next iPhone 7S or iPhone 8. So far several positive rumors have surfaced that increase the enthusiasm among the consumers. According to popular KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the mass production of the upcoming iPhone's OLED screen may not be completed within the said time frame.

That means the new upcoming iPhone will see the daylight in October or November, instead of August or September, according to 9to5 Mac. If the said assumption bears the truth, then consumers will have to wait a little more to grab Apple's 2017 flagship handset, iPhone 7S. Even it will affect the tech giant's sales of the current year.

Reports have already surfaced that the upcoming iPhone 7S will be equipped with some unique cutting-edge components. Due to the probable delay, Apple will face a stiff competition from some reputed Android smartphone manufacturers. The Cupertino-based tech giant has to compete with its archrival, Samsung's latest elegant handset, Galaxy S8.

Now, apart from the bad news, a positive side also exists behind this delay. According to Forbes, KGI analyst Kuo reveals significant upgrade of the new iPhone's hardware as the key cause behind the handset's probably late appearance. The upgrades of the iPhone 7S include switching from the LCD to OLED display.

Highly developed 3D sensing cameras, the removal of the physical Home button and others are also much-discussed upgrades. Interestingly, all these upgrades are mainly based on rumors and concepts. This is the first time Apple is acquiring OLED display for the most anticipated iPhone 7S or iPhone 8.

Different sources call the upcoming iPhone differently. Some say iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 and others predict the flagship device with the name iPhone Edition or iPhone X. Hopefully the real name will be confirmed very soon. Apart from these reports, Ming-Chi Kuo utters that the probably upgraded versions of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus models will appear in time.

Samsung has already flooded the market with the mesmerizing Galaxy S8, and Google is preparing to launch the most anticipated 2 in October. That means tech giant Apple should take initiatives to launch its probable upcoming model iPhone 7S to acquire the lead role in the tech arena. Now one thing is clear that consumers have to wait some more time to cherish the said smartphone.